Here's some questions and answers. If you have more questions, please send them!!!

Why should we make shows safer from COVID?

COVID-19, a BSL-3 pathogen that spreads through airborne respiratory particles, has killed over 7 million people worldwide. At the time I am writing this, we are in our 25th consecutive week of over 2,000 COVID-related deaths in the US. The acute phase of current COVID variants may appear to be mild to some (less intubations, lower number of deaths attributed), but even mild or asymptomatic cases can lead to Long Covid. It is also important to recognize that COVID has had a far greater impact on the disabled, poor, and communities of color. If we choose to gather indoors, especially for higher-risk events like concerts, we have a responsibility to one another and to the larger community to prevent as much transmission as we can. In addition to these reasons for wanting to mitigate virus spread, I believe its also improtant to look at the effects COVID has had on musicians: tours or shows can be canceled by unexpected illness, and the disability caused by long covid can make it too painful or exhausting to play one's instrument. Singers are also at a unique risk, due to COVID's impact on the vocal chords and respiratory system.

COVID-19 rampant among musicians despite 'end of the pandemic' James McDonald, 24 September 2023
For touring musicians, COVID is a daily existential threat Nastia Voynovskaya, for KQED, 19 September 2022

What are the basic mitigations you recommend for shows and other events?

I expand on this a lot more in the Fan-Club Zine, but here's a brief summary:
Avoid shows when you're sick/have been exposed to COVID. Test within a few hours before the show. Clean the air with air purifiers and far-UVC lights. Ventilate with open windows and fans. Require and provide masks, or at least mask at essential spaces like stores, transit, and medical facilities. Stay up to date with your vaccines. Consider also using covid nasal spray or CPC mouthwash before and after higher-risk activities.

Where can I learn more about these mitigations?

My other website, We Have the Tools, has a ton of info on the above mitigations with links to the studies about them. There are also links to articles, podcasts, and other websites that explore the issue of COVID through a radical, disability justice lens.

What is a CR Box? Can I make one myself?

A CR Box, or Corsi-Rosenthal Box, is a DIY air purifier comprised of 4-5 furnace air filters and a box fan, held together with duct tape. It's an inexpensive alternative that offers comparative air cleaning capabilities as models 2-3x the price. Anyone can build one for around $100, and there are tons of instructions available around the web. You should definitely make one, but if you don't want to (or want to try it out first) please feel free to borrow one of our's.

Would you make a CR Box for my venue/store/band/etc?

Yea totally, or I'm down to make one with you/do a workshop. Just help me pay for materials. HMU in the comment form and we can discuss.

I think CR Boxes are ugly and I have money, what are some air purifiers you'd recommend I buy instead?

Here is a fantastic article/round-up of popular air purifiers written by Joey Fox of Clean Air Club in Chicago uses the Smart Air brand, but I think they use a larger model than Fox goes into in that article -- if money was not a question, I would probably get a combination of their Blast Mk II Air Purifier and the PC-Fan powered Clean Air Kits. More info on choosing an air purifier can be found, again, on my other site here.

I can't afford masks or tests as often as I need them, or I want to provide them at a show or event. Can you help with that?

I'm not currently providing those materials, but I highly recommend reaching out to your local mask bloc for help! Boston COVID Action is the one closest to me, and they've been super helpful in providing masks and tests for some events I've been involved with. If you're not in the Boston area, click here for a list of other mask blocs around the country!

I want an air purifier for my show, but I don't live near Boston!!! What other projects like this exist?

The COVID Action Map lists clean air orgs like this one, mask blocs, and other important pandemic resources! Check them out to see what groups might be closer to you. I do want to shout out Chicago's Clean Air Club -- as they have been a huge inspiration to so many of us in the pandemic mutual aid sphere. They share so much helpful info on the tools they recommend, as well as important discussion on why we should continue to practice COVID-safety. They also have an awesome guide for starting your OWN org!