This project aims to make COVID-mitigations more common and accessible to anyone involved in diy shows through the sharing of updated info, DIY air purifiers, far-UVC lights, and maybe some other tools in the future.

The zine on the left side of this page goes over a few different tools we could be using to make shows safer -- as artists, bookers, venue workers, or audience members. It's formatted to be printed on one page, front and back, so please feel free to make some copies to share! If you'd like a more extensive list of COVID-mitigation tools, studies to support their use, and additional links and resources -- visit http://WeHaveTheTools.neocities.org/

I'm still working out the logistics for the lending library, so the process of borrowing air purifiers (etc) may change as I try out a few different scheduling apps. For now, there is a simple form to fill out to reserve items. The lending library is located in Harvard Square, so your show should be in the greater-Boston area to participate. I will not be charging for use of these! But since I'm fronting the cost of the builds I will be accepting donations to help pay for materials. For transparency, all the expenses and received donations will be posted on the Transparency Doc. Any extra funds will be used to build more boxes, buy some professional ones, or to buy masks or tests as needed. Everything will be on the doc!!!

If you have any ideas for this project, corrections for the zine, or just want to say hi, I would love to hear from you. Please send a message via the contact page.